Roja Cîhanî ya Aşîtiyê

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1 thought on “Roja Cîhanî ya Aşîtiyê”

  1. Our China against Erdogan very much.
    Because Erdogan support ETIP every day.
    So We think: Erdogan is enemy for we.
    We think: Rojava and DHKP and PKK are hero.
    We think: AK Parti are Terrorist in TBMM.
    Erdogan make Kazakh Crisis is a dangerous things.
    We think: Erdogan is a murder at Sivas Massacre.
    We think: Erdogan and Gullen and Akar are enemy.
    We think: Turkey shouldn’t Turkish Nationalism.
    We think: all of Pan-Turkic or Turkic Nationalism are Heresy.
    Now UN should Trial Erdogan Regime Criminal.
    We think: Erdogan never make any peace.
    We think: Erdogan is Anti-Humanity Criminal.
    Erdogan union Ukraine make some lies.
    And the lies to put Ukraine control Bucha District again.
    Erdogan make Crisis in the world.
    Our China against Erdogan very hard.
    We think: Erdogan should death by hanging.
    I am a Chinese, live in Shanghai, and my name Frank Yu.

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